miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2007

Cuando salga el arco iris

C'mon pack your bags
Clear the floor.
Let's step out through the open door.
Leave a note that says goodbye.

Build a new house
Down by the sea.
Get to the place we were meant to be.
You'll know it when you smile.

Up at the window.
Search in the sky.
Looking for the rainbow,
And don't ask why.
I wanna see the rainbow come.

We'll be leaving on all sides, ohohh!
When the rainbow comes.

Mr. Postman look and see
If there's a message in your bag for me.
Could be a bomb or it could be a letter.
It don't matter it can only get better.
Mr. Postman look and see
If there's a message in your bag for me.
You know it's been such a long long time
Since I could laugh at this world of mine.

Slippin' & slidin' around in your head.
It's be-bop-a-lula then baby you're dead.
So c'mon make a bright new day.
I need a prayer here.
Need a blessing.
Case an eye back as you run.
Turn around boy!
See the rainbow come.

You'll be leaving on all sides
When the rainbow comes.
See the world from all sides
When the rainbow comes.

Es una canción de Shawn Calvin titulada When the Rainbow Comes que simplemente me gusta y me hace pensar en cambios que se pueden producir o que se han producido. Hace siete meses me “enfrasqué” en un cambio del que no me arrepiento para nada. Una aventura que está casi finalizando, pero un cambio al que le han seguido otros muchos…. Casi como una espiral. Y seguramente no serán los únicos. Todo sucede por algo, y lo bueno es descubrirlo poco a poco.

Changes – Tesla (live)

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